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the saambas go missing-in-action

11.22.2004 8:29 p.m.

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Not-So-Daily Blatherings

you miss us! you really miss us!

okay enough of the sally field ripoff. hey guys, sorry weíve been missing-in-action for so long. seems like things here in the northeast have just snowballed beyond control (and we donít even have snow yet!).

saamba(him) has found himself coming up on several work deadlines (to the point where he actually has to do work, and lots of it). aah, the joys of working for yourselfÖ procrastinate til the very end and then hammer it all out in a short period of time. bastard, iím jealous!

work has been a blur for me as well since eliot spitzer sent the insurance industry in a tailspin. my 9-5 time is gone in the blink of an eye, and iím left bringing the work home just to try and stay on top of it all. (so not even close to being on top of it either).

to top it all off, weíve got our move up to Ďtoga-town coming up in a little more than a week. weíve (iíve) been packing like crazy, to the point that our living room is just a massive mountain of boxes, but thereís still so much to do!!!

was trying to do some more today, but just whacked the crap out of my foot and shin on the evil glass and metal coffee table from hell. iím in pain, bleeding and all sorts of gross, and feeling pity for myself, so iím taking a little break. bastard coffee table.

iím also sorry to all those whoíve written, but we havenít gotten back to. i promise, when things have calm down a little we will. and thank you to everyone who wrote wondering where we were! we feel loved, and it is truly so, so wonderful!

so, with that said, all is well here (except for my shin), but weíre probably going to be missing for a few more weeks til weíre settled in the new place.

but bare with us, because i promise you good stories. like moving (thereís bound to be good moving stories, arenít there always?), the newfound pastime of modeling for a photographer friend (maybe with pictures?), the evil bitch that modeling created (not me i promise, nor saamba(him)) (but itís a funny story anyway), thanksgiving, and as always saamba(him)ís random rants on anything he can come up with. those are my favorites too!

so for now i bid you all adieu, we will be back soon, i promise!

ciao, bellas!

anyone here on as well?

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